Month: November 2023

Prevent gum disease.
Gum Disease Stages: 4 Ways To Reverse Gingivitis and Prevent Periodontitis
Stop gum disease in its tracks. Gum disease is a shockingly common but often overlooked health condition. According to the CDC, nearly half of adults over age 30 have some form of gum disease. Although the earliest stage of gum disease responds well to treatment, advanced gum disease can wreak havoc on a person’s smile.…
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Get your best smile with cosmetic dentistry.
Aging Gracefully: Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Rejuvenating Your Smile
How Your Dentist Can Rewind Time With Cosmetic Dentistry Aging is an inevitable part of life, a journey that comes with many transformations. While we often anticipate and celebrate the wisdom and perspective that comes with age, we’re not always as thrilled about the impact it can have on our appearances—especially our smiles. Our oral…
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