Restorative Dentistry

Facts about dental crowns
7 Common Questions and Answers About Dental Crowns in Edwardsville, IL
What is the best treatment option to restore a tooth? When you have a broken or cracked tooth, a dentist in Edwardsville, Illinois, may recommend a dental crown to restore the shape and appearance of the tooth. Thousands of patients have received dental crowns as a treatment for damaged teeth, but you may have questions…
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Traditional crowns vs. same day crowns
5 Important Differences Between Traditional Crowns and Same Day Crowns
If your recent dental treatment plan includes a crown, you should know you have multiple options. Dental crowns are a standard restorative procedure that provides patients with options, including same day crowns.  You may have some concerns about how same-visit crowns compare to traditional crowns, and that’s understandable. Knowing the difference between these two practical…
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More reasons to get tooth implants
5 More Important Reasons to Think About Getting Tooth Implants
Tooth implants are a highly effective tooth replacement option for patients who have missing teeth. And though only 6% of Americans have dental implants today, it is estimated that the number will grow to 23% by 2026. This number continues to grow because patients have experienced the many benefits that tooth implants can bring to…
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Here's why you should get dental implants
5 Top Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants
As kids, we’re supposed to lose our teeth. Those baby teeth create a space for permanent teeth that will begin making their presence known around the time your child turns seven. But permanent teeth are intended to be permanent, just as their name implies. So when adults lose their teeth prematurely, it can be problematic.…
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Don't ignore bleeding gums
Are Your Gums Bleeding? 7 Reasons To Stop Gingivitis in Its Tracks
Seeing blood coming out of your mouth after brushing or flossing can be daunting. And though a little bit of blood now and then isn’t a reason for alarm, if bleeding gums happens frequently for you, it could indicate that you are experiencing the early signs of gingivitis. The good news is that gum disease…
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You can get single visit crowns
Single Visit Crowns Are Convenient, Strong, and Beautiful
Single visit crowns offered at Hite Family Dentistry. If you are in need of a dental crown, you may be aware that they can take multiple visits to the dentist to be put into place. At Hite Family Dentistry in Edwardsville, Illinois, we offer single visit crowns that are durable and just as strong, if…
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