Month: June 2023

Watch out for cavities
Cavities Might Not Hurt, So Here Are Three Important Warning Signs
Tooth decay is a serious issue, but it can be managed with effective prevention and early treatment. Catching a cavity before it gets too advanced can help avoid more extensive procedures, such as root canal treatment, down the line.  However, it isn’t always easy to tell when you have a cavity as they don’t always…
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Tooth decay risk factors
15 Factors That Decrease Your Risk of Developing Tooth Decay
Top Tips for Protecting Tooth Enamel Tooth decay can be a stubborn foe, but you’re not powerless when it comes to cavity prevention. In fact, the majority of cavities are entirely avoidable; all you need to do is learn what works when it comes to reducing your tooth decay risk factors. Here are 15 things…
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