Month: October 2023

Sleep apnea doesn't just make you tired.
5 Surprising Ways Sleep Apnea Impacts Your Mood and Emotions
Unseen Consequences of Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea, a sleep-disordered breathing condition associated with disruptive snoring and restless nights, has far-reaching effects that extend beyond the bedroom, impacting your mood and emotions in ways you may not realize. It’s more than just an annoyance for you and possibly your partner; it’s a serious health problem that…
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Fix up your smile with same day crowns.
No Tricks, Just Treats: Same Day Crowns for a Confident Halloween Grin
Shield your smile from the spooky scourge of tooth decay with same day crowns. Halloween: a time for ghoulish costumes, eerie tales, and—let’s be honest—a mountain of sweet treats. When considering the latter, we can’t help but think about the effects of these sugar-laden delights on our not-so-spooky smiles. Although the occasional candy indulgence is…
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