Month: March 2023

Dentist in Edwardsville IL
5 Ways We Help Put Patients at Ease
Never fear, your dentist is here! Those aren’t exactly words that go through your mind when you think of your dentist, are they? Don’t worry, that’s not uncommon. That gives us all the more reason to do everything we can to put our patients at ease during their visits, whether they are in for a…
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Don't ignore bleeding gums
Are Your Gums Bleeding? 7 Reasons To Stop Gingivitis in Its Tracks
Seeing blood coming out of your mouth after brushing or flossing can be daunting. And though a little bit of blood now and then isn’t a reason for alarm, if bleeding gums happens frequently for you, it could indicate that you are experiencing the early signs of gingivitis. The good news is that gum disease…
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