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Dental sedation options for you
Find Peace of Mind with Our In-House Dental Sedation Options
Our in-house dental sedation options provide peace of mind. If you have dental anxiety, you may feel like you’re alone—but in reality, you’re far from it. In fact, dental anxiety is common in both children and adults. Some estimates find that somewhere between 50% and 80% of all American adults have dental anxiety, ranging from…
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Cosmetic dentistry in Edwardsville
Cosmetic Dentistry Makes You Look Younger, Happier, and Healthier
Hite Family Dentistry has brought beautiful cosmetic dentistry in Edwardsville, IL.  No matter how great your oral hygiene routine is, there’s always going to be one thing that threatens your beautiful smile—time. Everything wears down as it ages, and people are no exception. While there may be no remedy for aging yet, there are some…
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You can get single visit crowns
Single Visit Crowns Are Convenient, Strong, and Beautiful
Single visit crowns offered at Hite Family Dentistry. If you are in need of a dental crown, you may be aware that they can take multiple visits to the dentist to be put into place. At Hite Family Dentistry in Edwardsville, Illinois, we offer single visit crowns that are durable and just as strong, if…
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Better smile with teeth whitening
Reclaim Your Smile With Teeth Whitening In Edwardsville, IL
Brighten your smile by whitening your teeth. Over time, the brightness of your teeth can yellow and your smile can dim, thanks to stains from food and drink, or just regular wear and tear. If you want to make your smile whiter and more dazzling, Dr. Hite and his team at Hite Family Dentistry offer…
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Same day dental crowns
Same Day Crowns: Restorations Done in a Single Visit!
Though we take steps to prevent it with good oral hygiene, our teeth will inevitably start to wear with age. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise because we use our teeth daily; those teeth are going to show signs of wear and tear eventually. When this happens, we need to protect weakened teeth from…
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How to stop snoring
How To Stop Snoring and Start Getting Quality Sleep
Understanding Snoring So You Can Get More Sleep We’ve all been caught snoring or had fun teasing someone we love about their snoring. It can be incredibly funny, especially when you’re on the end doing the teasing, and occasional snoring is completely normal. If you’re snoring frequently, though, it can get in the way of…
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